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CLN Cleaning is a company that offers a reliable and best house cleaning Wirral service to respected customers. We are working in this field from the past 5 years. As we serve each customer, not only our record gets better, but we also evaluate our performance. The remarks our customer give to us are precious, as they help us to improve the service. When you hire us for the service, we deliver professionals at your home and demand the price that is suitable. Also, booking our service is very simple and easy. You can do it from our website, or you can call us. In both cases, our team will respond to you quickly, as we don’t like to make our customers wait.

We have an idea that it is not easy for people to keep the house clean. They have many other responsibilities which keep them occupied. A little bit of free time they get, they like to spend it with the family. Even once a week they schedule house purification Wirral, they not able to do much. You only tackle the spots that you able to notice. But in the house, there are many hidden spots that need cleaning. Most of the times, the hidden spots are the main source of dust and other derbies all around the house. As we are in the business for a long time, we know about all the hidden spots and also have to tools to reach out to them.

Get all Types of House Cleaning Wirral from Us!

Not all clients hire us for the same service. Some need all the service we offer, and some need only a few. For us, it doesn’t matter, as our job is to serve you only. For us, work is work, whether it is little or more. In both ways, we work with the same passion and try to get the results that are the best. Our team is not less than a magician. Once we leave your house, you can notice it on your own.

Our service is available for you seven days a week. You just have to contact us and tell us on which day you want us to work. We will schedule everything for you accordingly. If you hire our regular house disinfecting Wirral service, we try to send the same workers at your home. We do it because they have an idea about everything you need. Also, you don’t feel uncomfortable when they are around. You can even hand over the key to your house if you have to go somewhere. They will finish the work properly as they do before and also protect your property in your absence.

You can also hire us for one of the deep cleaning services or for the end of tenancy house sterilization Wirral in need. We have experience in all and know the difference. If you don’t want all the service but only want our staff to clean the windows of your house, tell us. We will do it for you. In short, the choice is always yours; our duty is to serve you.

We Use Modern Equipment for the Cleaning 

For proper home sanitization Wirral, hands are not enough. It is important to use proper tools; only then it is possible to get flawless results. We know it quite well, and that’s the reason we provide all those tools to our workers. Yes, you heard it right, we bring tools on our own to your house. You don’t have to arrange it on your own. Also, our workers know the proper use of those tools. Everything we use is environmentally friendly. So, if you have children or elders at home or someone who has respiratory issues, you don’t have to worry that will face any issue.

On time Cleaning Service

For us, it is important to be punctual, as we have many other appointments. Also, it affects positively on the customer. At the time you book us for the service, we start to schedule everything for you. You don’t have to remind us of the date. Our team comes to you on time, even a bit early. We first do an inspection of everything and listen to you if you have something to guide us, then we start our work. We also try to finish the task at the time you give us.

Reasonable price for the service!

Every client wants to get a service at a price that is reasonable and within their budget. We know about it well. The charges we demand are not high and also fixed. So, you don’t have to worry the price will increase if a delay happened in the service. Any delay that happens is the fault of our workers, and we take responsibility for it. You pay the same amount that is decided with you in the beginning.

Fully Insured Service

We also like to tell our customers that our service is insured. So, you don’t have to take stress about anything. It is our record that while our working on the property, nothing went wrong. Still, the insurance is there, so if something went wrong because of our negligence, we take responsibility.

Hi Colin, just sent the payment over. Thanks very much for a lovely clean, the house looks great and we are really pleased with it. Thank you so much.


Thanks Colin, did you manage to do tiles? Let me know what i owe you>


Hi Colin, we just got in and are thrilled! The bathroom's unrecognisable!!! Thanks to you and Jen for your hard work it's put a Grinning Face on our faces,