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Window cleaning is a simple job, but still, many don’t able to do it because they don’t have time. Some able to keep the windows of ground floor clean but fail to keep the windows clean that are on height. Windows play a huge role in the look of the house. If they are dirty, they will ruin the look. Also, they not only allow the fresh air to come inside the house but also keep the dust-out. It means as the time will pass, the dust will increase, and you will not be able to breathe in the fresh air. That it is important to hire professionals at least 2 or 3 times in a year for domestic window cleaning service. We CLN Cleaning offer this service.

We have all the basics tools that are needed to clean the windows. In which ladder, if needed, clean clothes and cleaners are included. We mainly try to stick with the old traditional ways of cleaning ways, as they are the best. If you have placed any decorative pieces or anything else on the windows, there is no need for you to remove it. We will do it on our own, and once the job is done, we will place it back safely.

There are several companies who prefer to use modern technologies for the home casement sanitation, as it allows them to finish the work quickly and safely. But the quality is not the same as it is when the job is done by hand. We have both options for the customer. They can pick which suits them the most.

Domestic Window Cleaning The Inside Of The Windows By Hand

The inside of the windows is not hard to clean, as there is no need for ladders. But here other hurdles are present, such as decoration pieces, curtains and similar things. No client will like the fact at the time of cleaning we damage something else. We assure our customers that we will do the job nicely and by taking all the safety measures.

The Cleaning Process For Outside Windows

There are some windows that are reachable without a ladder, and there are some that are far from the reach even with the ladder. Still, you don’t have to worry as here we don’t mind to use technology, such as a pure water system. For us, it is like a failure if we are not able to clean any window.

Health And Safety Are Our Priority

For us, not only the health and safety of our customers but also our workers matter a lot. We use a reasonable ladder to work; if the window is far from our reach, we look for other safe methods. Also, we tell our clients to stay a bit far from the place we are working, as we don’t want, they get hurt or face any other health issues because of dirt. Also, the cleaner we use is safe. They don’t have smell nor something that can cause allergy.

Pure Water System Process

The process is quite simple but yet effective. A long telescopic pole that can carry water to the top is attached with a brush to remove dust. The water that is used in this process is distilled water. Once we clean the window frame properly, we dry them off. The window left with no stain of water once the process is ended.

Other Services We Offer!

Indoor aperture sterilization is not the only service we offer to our customers. You can also hire other services from us like:

  • Regular cleaning service: It is a service in which customer hire us once in a week or in a month.
  • One of deep cleaning service: it is a service that is mainly hired by the customers 3 to 4 times in a year.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: it is a service in which either both landlord and tenant can hire us. We will give you the best results for sure. The tenant for sure get a full deposit from the landlord and landlord will able to impress the party.

For all the above service, the charges re-fixed and the equipment’s that are required are our own.

What Chooses Us?

  • We have experience of years in providing domiciliary dormer washing.
  • All of our staff is trained and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about safety.
  • We value time, as, for us, time is money. So, you will never experience a delay in our service. We will arrive at a location on time with full preparation and finish the work in given time too.
  • Everything that is needed for the cleaning is arranged by us; you don’t have to go here and there in search of anything.
  • All of our workers have proper uniform. You can check their cards too for your satisfaction.
  • The price we demand each service is reasonable. You can also get a price estimation for free.

Book Our Service Today!

You can book our service in multiple ways. You can do it from the website by filling the form, or you can call us on the given number. Also, you are free to visit our office.

Hi Colin, just sent the payment over. Thanks very much for a lovely clean, the house looks great and we are really pleased with it. Thank you so much.


Thanks Colin, did you manage to do tiles? Let me know what i owe you>


Hi Colin, we just got in and are thrilled! The bathroom's unrecognisable!!! Thanks to you and Jen for your hard work it's put a Grinning Face on our faces,